Shopping At The Jersey Garden Mall (2023)

The Jersey Garden Mall is located in the heart of the New Jersey Meadowlands, just minutes from Manhattan. The Mall offers an exciting mix of over 200 stores, including anchor stores Macy’s, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls, HomeGoods, and Forever 21. The Jersey Garden Mall is also home to the only Bass Pro Shops in New Jersey, as well as a food court with over a dozen dining options. If you’re looking to change the jersey garden mall from your location, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll need to find your way to the mall. The best way to do this is to use a GPS or maps app on your smartphone. Once you’re at the mall, you’ll need to find a parking spot. The mall has a large parking garage with plenty of parking spots available. Once you’ve parked, you’ll need to find the entrance to the mall. The main entrance to the mall is located on the first level of the parking garage. Once you’re inside the mall, you’ll need to find the store you’re looking for. The Jersey Garden Mall has a directory located near the main entrance that will help you find the store you’re looking for. Once you’ve found the store, you can start shopping!

Jersey Gardens Metro Mall (Elizabeth, NJ) is accessible via public transportation. To view step-by-step directions on the Bus route, go to the Bus route page, which includes maps, line arrival times, and current time schedules. Subway – Fulton St (A/C/J/Z/2/4/5) at 4–5 Fulton Street, Manhattan. The result is null from 61 Local. Maps and live directions are provided by Moovit, allowing you to navigate through your city more easily. By following the schedule, routes, and timetable, you can see how long it takes to get to Jersey Gardens Metro Mall in real time. The Moovit app is an excellent resource for finding bus and subway prices.

What Bus Number Goes To Jersey Garden Mall?

The bus lines that run through Jersey Gardens are listed below: 111, 115, 40, 62, and so on.

How Do I Get To The Mills At Jersey Gardens?

There are a few different ways to get to the Mills at Jersey Gardens. One way is to take the PATH train from Manhattan to Newark, and then take the Newark Light Rail to the mall. Another way is to take the NJ Transit bus from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to the mall.

The Mills at Jersey Gardens is a great place to buy clothing and accessories. This mall, located just a short distance from New Jersey’s main airport, has all of its stores in one location. PortAuthority Terminal is located in Manhattan and provides a direct bus connection. This trip is always very crowded and takes a very long time to get from New York City to the airport. You have a great choice of places to shop during the Super Bowl break. It’s difficult to park on weekends, especially during the holiday shopping season. The food court is small in comparison to other areas of the mall.

There are many great things to do, a variety of restaurants, and no taxes to pay. It has a wide range of options and reasonable prices. You had a pleasant shopping experience. The mall is well-manicured and contains a diverse range of stores. Would it be better if the food court was put there? There are numerous shops in this massive mall. Some stores have very reasonable prices.

Haggle has a lot of great deals to offer. Stay away from Popeyes, but the food court is ok, chicken is delicious, but the staff is horrible. There are a lot of stores to choose from in an outlet mall. The mall, on the other hand, does not stand out. Restaurants in the food court are prohibitively expensive. There is an SIMON app for WiFi, but it does not work because they are pretending that they do so to force people to purchase the coupon book.

What Is The Mills At Jersey Garden?

Our new mall is the largest outlet and value shopping center in the state of New Jersey, with over 200 stores across two levels. There are several outstanding stores in the mall, including Bloomingdale’s The Outlet Store, Saks OFF 5TH, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshall’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Hudson’s Bay.

What Exit Is For The Jersey Gardens Off New Jersey Turnpike?

There is no exit for the jersey gardens off the new jersey turnpike. The closest exit would be for the new jersey turnpike extension, which is exit 14B.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Port Newark, Port Elizabeth, and Port Jersey travel adventure map. This map includes a detailed description of each port as well as information about transportation and tourist attractions. Travelers will find a wealth of information on both Port Newark and Port Elizabeth on this map. The map also provides detailed instructions for getting to each port from various points in the metropolitan area. Whether you’re planning a beach trip or heading to one of the local stadiums to see a baseball game, this map provides the information you need to plan ahead of time. We hope that you enjoy your stay in Port Newark, Port Elizabeth, and Port Jersey.

What Exit Are The Jersey Shore Outlets?

The Jersey Shore Premium Outlets (Exit 100B) is easily accessible from the Garden State Parkway, and it offers upscale outlet shopping with a variety of 120 designer labels and name brand merchandise at up to 65% off.

Is Jersey Gardens Indoor Or Outdoor?

In only 30 minutes from New York City, The Mills at Jersey Gardens is the largest indoor outlet and value shopping center in the state, with more than 200 distinct stores, a variety of dining options, and entertainment.

How Many Stores Does Jersey Gardens Have?

There are 230 stores and restaurants within the mall. The NJ Transit route 111 bus leaves Jersey Gardens every morning at 8 and arrives in New York City at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in the afternoon.

Is There Wifi In Jersey Gardens?

You are welcome to use a wheelchair at The Mills at Jersey Gardens. There is free Wi-Fi available throughout the mall.

Directions To Jersey Garden Mall

To get to the Jersey Garden Mall, take the I-95 to Exit 15X. Then, follow the signs for the mall. The mall is located at the intersection of Route 1 and 9.

How to get to Jersey Gardens, the largest outlet mall in New Jersey, with Subway, Bus, Trolley or Train? You can find step-by-step directions for the Bus route as well as maps, arrival times, and the most recently updated time schedules by clicking on it. Subway – Fulton Street (A/C/J/Z/3/4), Manhattan From 61 Local. Jersey Gardens, New Jersey’s largest outlet mall in Elizabeth, is only a few miles away from the Main Entrance stop. Rutgers University’s Jersey Gardens is the last stop on the 115, which stops at 2:26a.m. and 5:28 a.m. The train fare to the mall ranges from $3.50 to $16.75, depending on the number of trains. The Moovit app is an all-in-one transit app that can help you find the best bus or train times based on your location. Moovit’s App or Website allows you to find and get directions to Jersey Gardens, New Jersey’s largest outlet mall. There are numerous subway lines and routes that have stops nearby.

Jersey Garden Mall Directory

The Jersey Gardens Mall is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey and features over 200 stores. The mall is anchored by Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue OFF 5TH. The mall also features a food court and several restaurants.

The Better Option For Shopping With Your Children: Jersey Gardens

Jersey Gardens is the best choice if you want a place to shop with your children. In terms of prizes, Jersey Gardens has better deals on toys and clothing. Furthermore, the shorter trip to Jersey Gardens allows you to get around a little more easily, as compared to the longer trip to Woodbury Common. Jersey Gardens has the advantage of having an indoor section rather than an outdoor section, making it a more laid-back shopping environment. In addition, service animals are always welcome at The Gardens Mall, but non-service animals are restricted to Woodbury Common.

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